Echo Wall Clock

As humans we are pretty useless animals, not really any natural skills - but we do have a highly refined ability to make use of tools. This didn't stop with the wheel, sundials, or even computers and the internet… there is always a next step.

That is far too grand of an introduction to this post; however the Echo Wall Clock is the best £30 you can spend right now.

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is a £29.99 basic wall clock that takes 2 AA batteries and hangs off a nail like any other cheap clock. However, it has a few tricks up its sleeve…

Firstly it's internet connected via Bluetooth to your nearest Echo device - meaning the time is always correct. Daylight savings ends and those hands swing around to correct itself! But the killer feature here is timers…

It's hard to explain how great this is, but it really does make it the perfect kitchen clock. When cooking there are many times to consider, everything has its own cooking time; times to take things out, put things in, stir things… it can be hard to keep track. This all got easier a few years ago with the introduction of Alexa style devices which could set multiple timers just by asking.

This led to a lot of questions… “Alexa, how long's left?”, “Alexa, how long is left on my pasta timer?”, “Alexa, do I have any timers?”…. the same old boring questions.

The Echo Wall Clock changes all that. With 60 light up sections around the edge of the clock your timers are perfectly visualised, easy to glance at while cooking. As many timers as you can think to set, the clock will happily display and track for you. It even flashes along with the beeps Alexa makes to announce a timer is complete.

If you’re in need of a new kitchen clock, have an Echo, and cook a lot… I'd strongly recommend this device!