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2017 a year in review

Following last years post, I've decided to do another year in review, and 2017 has been one crazy year!


Our house The overwhelming highlight of this year has been buying and moving into our first family home. But this wasn’t the only crazy change or achievement the year had to offer. Lauren got a new job, I got promoted, Ethan started School, Aurora started Nursery, and we got our first car.


Our family With all this it's surprising we had any time for fun, but along with our summer holiday and numerous trips to Thomas Land we managed quite a lot. I even managed to see a whole load of my favourite bands; Blink 182, Green Day, Weezer and Good Charlotte - all in one year.


At the end of last year Glass Umbrella committed to release an app in 2017, well that didn’t happen. However, I can share what I’ve been working on for the last year. Drank is your personal window into understanding the makeup of your daily fluid intake; helping you keep a healthy balance of water, caffeine and alcohol. After a bit of a tidy up and some design work, the app should ship early in 2018. Until then there is a beta you can join via Twitter DM to @thedrankapp.
Drank App

Here's looking forward to all 2018 brings, hopefully a bit less change, a lot more relaxing and family time.

Running node.js on a Raspberry Pi Zero

This post assumes your Raspberry Pi is already setup and you can SSH into it. If not, have a Google and come back. I’ll wait.

The Raspberry Pi Zero (and the original Raspberry Pi) use an ARMv6 CPU. Unfortunately apt-get install nodejs installs a version of node built for ARMv7, so we’ll have to install it manually.


  • Download the version of node you want, in this case I’m downloading v7.7.2 for ARMv6. Other versions can be found here.

wget https://nodejs.org/dist/v7.7.2/node-v7.7.2-linux-armv6l.tar.gz

  • Extract the files once the download has completed.

tar -xzf node-v7.7.2-linux-armv6l.tar.gz


  • Copy the files into /user/local

sudo cp -R node-v7.7.2-linux-armv6l/* /usr/local/

Add to path

To use the node and npm commands you need to add the location we installed node (/user/local/bin) to your path.

  • Open "~/.profile" for editing (I'm using nano)

nano ~/.profile

  • Add PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin at the end then press ctrl + x to exit. Type yes to save.

Clean up

We should now remove the downloaded files to keep the file system clean.

  • Remove the tarball

rm ~/node-v7.7.2-linux-armv6l.tar.gz

  • Remove the extracted files

rm -r ~/node-v7.7.2-linux-armv6l


  • Check that node is working with node -v which will return the installed version, in my case v7.7.2.
  • Check that npm is working with npm -v which will return the installed version, in my case v4.1.2.