Lego #21309 - NASA Apollo Saturn V

Ethan and myself have spent many evenings over the last few weeks assembling the LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket. In short this is now one of my favourite Lego sets. I first heard of this set on Hello Internet episode 89. Then a few months later after rewatching Apollo 13 I decided I had to have it.

Lego Saturn V in Box

The box this set comes in is huge, but is nothing compared to the size of the built rocket. When complete it stands a meter high (1:110 scale of the real thing) and contains nearly 2000 bricks; making it pretty heavy. You don’t realise from looking at it, but it’s actually solid inside; this isn’t a hollow shell.

Lego Saturn V built

There are some great finishing touches to the set as well; like the Luna Lander, and a recreation of the command Module splashing down in the ocean. There really is a lot of detail in this set, and unlike most sets all details are printed onto the bricks; no stickers!!

The rocket fully separates into its first, second, and third stages; plus the Luna Lander and Command Module fit inside the Payload Fairing.

Lego Saturn V Luna Lander Lego Saturn V Command Module

I’m really impressed with how easily Ethan managed to put this set together. The set places itself in the 14+ age range; but even while I was struggling to work out what parts of the instructions were saying Ethan was plowing ahead with the build.

Building Lego Saturn V Rocket

Great fun; I can’t wait for our next build!